Level X is an online community of gaming designers, content creators and professional gamers. They host a huge audience of members and provide a community of over 2000 people. Level X maintains multiple ventures and platforms over its vast selection of games. When Level X approached us they had little branding and infrastructure to maintain this. We looked into their whole community and created a huge selection of solutions including 3 sets of branding suits, 4 websites & a social media presence. Websites designed for Level X included their main landing website Level X Gaming and a social media platform that is embedded with many of their servers Levelx.gg This furthered into specific platform creation included a website and platform for Love Fist Roleplay their leading server and many other smaller servers they have to offer. These platforms have grown hugely since originally created and have proven their functionality and capability to be well structured for the large audience. We were also fortunate to work on some video design for this platform as well including trailer videos and overview videos.


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